Get a VPN with advanced protection

Block intrusive display ads, trackers, and harmful sites—all in a single app.

Generic advanced protection visual

For a safer online experience

Advanced protection made easy

Included with ExpressVPN

Get more protection at no extra cost. All ExpressVPN plans include advanced protection features.

All in one app

These advanced protection features are built into ExpressVPN—there’s no need to install extra apps.

Seamless VPN integration

Our VPN and advanced protection features complement each other, delivering the best speeds and performance.

Stay ahead of the latest threats

We regularly review and update our blocklists to protect you against the latest threats.

Take control in one tap

Easily enable these features via toggles in the ExpressVPN app settings.

24/7 world-class support

Like with other ExpressVPN services, help with these features is readily available from our Support Team.


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I still see ads with the ad blocker turned on. Why is that?
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